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Our low-voltage LEDs will showcase specific areas and create the ideal lighting atmosphere.  They can be to illuminate a kitchen counter or bar area as well as commercial buildings and hallways. We will work with you to determine the perfect lighting series for the project on hand.



  • High-Efficiency Lighting (HE Lighting)

    High-efficiency LEDs provide more light with lower wattage, delivering beautiful results with maximum efficiency. The simplest way to cut your client’s energy bill down and show value is by replacing their current lighting options with one of our HE lighting options. We provide choices for colors and light levels to match the room or specific area requirements. Our lighting systems come with automated options to illuminate upon entrance and exiting rooms to conserve additional energy and cost

HD Lighting

  • Our high-definition HD light bulbs illuminate true and vibrant colors, making for perfect focal point light. We can achieve this through our state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing process. We use a unique lens that directs light in a way that mimics natural sunlight. We have optional levels and light adjustments in our HD lighting division. Normal Bright, Super Bright, and Ultra Bright. These come with an option up to 16.4 ft length maximum continuous run

High Lumen HL Series

  • Our HL series is ideal for backlighting and providing light to broad areas and accenting the surrounding indoor architecture. They can easily be set in tight spaces and hidden away, covering large areas with a consistent flow. This simple ultra-bright tape light comes in a continuous length of up to 8ft strips

High Natural HN Series

  • High Natural Full Spectrum Light

    Natural light is our standard bright series that most resembles natural daylight. Superior color and accuracy bring the feeling of sunlight to any room. These strips run up to 16.4 ft. These have become a favorite for high-end residential and large companies in commercial spaces. These high-quality lights contribute to the wellness of office workers and offer builders the opportunity to make a design statement within the area they have designated. This lighting system will last significantly longer than traditional bulbs and maintains a consistent, precise color while maintaining the exact output with each other over time.

Color Tunable CCT series

  • Color Tunable White

    Adjustable color and temperature are adjustable with a controller or automated home programming. Automation allows the user to adjust the lack of natural light in any space. Natural lighting increases productivity in conference rooms, warehouses, and small residential or commercial workspaces. Color Tuning allows the user to adjust the color of light to their preference or application. Dim to warm lighting is similar to candlelight or incandescent lighting. Tunable white will mimic daylight. This level may work well in medical, art museums, and industrial spaces. Full-Color Tuning allows the user to set the tone and mood for each room to suit the atmosphere. These strips max at 16.4ft

RGB series

  • RGB and RGB + W

    RGB means red, green, blue. RGB allows for nearly limitless combinations to create the perfect color for your mood. Our system can generate up to 16M combinations of color. Color Changing to impact the area of choice. RGB lighting has grown immensely in popularity over the last few years in high-end residential and commercial spaces. This lighting option can appear to change the dimension and size of rooms and hallways when set up correctly. These come in strips up to 16.4ft

RGB series

  • Addressable Pixel Control

    This system gives the user the power to adjust brightness and customize RGB+W LEDs with a controller. Lighting Leaf can customize our lighting system for each single LED to have a different color. This option allows for endless combinations of custom lighting. For commercial use, these can be programmed into the buildings automation system to control individual lights or a set group in the system







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