Accent Tape Lighting

WHAT IS Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting is a type of lighting design that highlights specific objects, areas, or architectural features to create visual interest and enhance the overall atmosphere of a space. It is used to draw attention to particular elements and create a focal point, contributing to the aesthetics and functionality of a room or environment.


Multicolor accent lighting can be a fantastic way to enhance the ambiance of a space, create a dynamic atmosphere, or highlight specific features, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. It allows for creative expression, mood enhancement, and the ability to transform spaces for different occasions. Some examples of multicolor accent lighting in various settings include:

  1. Under Cabinet Lighting
  2. Cove and Recessed Lighting
  3. Backlighting TV or Media Console
  4. Floating Shelves and Display Cases
  5. Staircase Lighting
  6. Bedroom Headboard Lighting
  7. Outdoor Deck or Patio Lighting
  8. Artwork Accent Lighting
  9. Mirror Accent Lighting
  10. Architectural Features
  11. Party or Event Decor

Single Color Accent Tape Lighting

Single-color accent lighting can be employed in a variety of settings to create a specific mood, highlight architectural features, or provide functional illumination. Remember to consider the color temperature (warm white, cool white, etc.) when selecting the lighting to achieve the desired ambiance in each specific setting. Some examples of how single-color ambient lighting can be used includes:


  1. Architectural Highlights
  2. Wall Washing
  3. Artwork Illumination
  4. Ceiling Cove Lighting
  5. Under Furniture Lighting
  6. Staircase Lighting
  7. Outdoor Landscape Lighting
  8. Storefront or Window Displays
  9. Mirror Frames
  10. Accentuating Nooks and Alcoves
  11. Floating Shelves
  12. Backlighting
  13. Bookcase Lighting
  14. Accentuating Textures


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