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Versatility – Enhanced lighting color options in one module built to adapt to the specific needs of each lighting project.

Flexibility – Low voltage wiring and low-profile form factor improve the design and increase placement options. Its easily hidden aesthetics create clean, professional-grade installations, both retrofit and new construction.  

Connectivity – Built-in technologies for wireless control interface options as stand-alone or connected to a control system. Included Bluetooth, long-range Sub-1-GHz, and Wi-Fi provides a variety of control options from: 

  • Wireless in-wall remotes 
  • Smartphone app
  • IoT voice control for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • 3rd party control system integration

LED Controls

Single-color control can be operated by:

  • AC Dimming – LED Tape integrated into AC Lighting Control System
  • DC Control – Uses application-specific Low Voltage Wires and Controls

Multi-color control can be operated by:

A DC Micro-controller-based design for LED color circuits. 

The ability to create and select from a wide range of colors and lighting effects is one of the main advantages of multi-color LED lights. 


The Lighting Leaf controller (Rf+wifi, Iot controller) uses simple button-press pairing to Radio Frequency (RF) in-wall remotes and has built-in IoT network connections for advanced features to smart devices and third-party integration. 

The all-in-one module works as the main hardware that connects the LED Tape, Power Supply and Controls together.

  • Digital dimming
  • Communicates with control signals
  • Connects to power supply
  • Four color-setting codes

Color Consistency

Our advanced manufacturing process, material selection software and quality control allow us to maintain extremely tight tolerances on color variations between LED chip sets.


Customize your experience by pairing the Lighting Leaf Controller with the Smart Control App. Simply use your voice or touch to control from anywhere—dim, brighten, change color, the amount of light, and more for any occasion or mood. Add to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for skills, actions, or voice commands.


  • Create groups – Combine and control separate lights together
  • Scenes/Automation – Automatically adjust brightness or color
  • Music Mode – Sync Lights to the beat of the music
  • Rhythm Mode – Simulates the natural light cycle of sunrise to sunset




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